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Planetary SDI
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2022-09-29 Working Meeting

Meeting Notes from: September 29, 2022


  • Jay Laura
  • Trent Hare
  • Robin Fergason
  • Mike Bland
  • Ross Beyer
  • Cynthia Phillips


  • Review website
  • Discuss additional Data


  • Update standards to state that NAIF SPICE is the standard by which the body, sensor, and spacecraft position and orientation are encoded.

  • Discussion to ensure it is clear that this is a cross institutional effort. USGS is just hosting the web presence.

    • Logos on the homepage. Participants. Say this it not just a USGS thing.
    • The NASA meatball will work.
    • The SETI logo will work.
    • USIRA Logo? Check with Paul.
    • USGS logo. For completeness if we are doing a logo cloud.
    • Endorsed by MAPSIT text on the landing page for Europa SDI to ensure it is clear that MAPSIT is in support of our efforts.
    • Planetary SDIs are a community, cross institutional endeavour. Text like this to ensure that we also verbally indicate that this is cross organizational.
  • Update the about.

    • Plain language; what are we doing and why?
    • Image for the landing page. SWRI, Europa Juno image. Use for the landing page.
      • Cynthia has one posted on twitter. Use that.

Looking at the standards page(s)

  • What is the OGC GeoPackage format?
    • This is the new open format. Arc will open. ArcGIS might need some love to export. QGIS will open and create. GDAL/OGR like this format.

Discussion about the upcoming geologic map.

  • We might need to release a smart raster as a fallback.

Website Fix!

  • Fix ESDI to Europa SDI.

Website improvements

  • Data linking - Add Mike’s data.
  • Data gaps:
    • Make data available.
      • NIMS, DTMs,
    • Gather geologic maps
    • Update the page, link back to Get Involved
  • What about older linea data, like Ron Greeley’s map?
    • Reach out to Dave Williams at ASU to see if we can release.

Action Items

  • Jay: Update Europa SDI website as per the meeting notes
  • Trent: Pending release of geologic map, process to an OGC GeoPackage
  • Trent: Pending release of the geologic map, generate a smart COG to rasterize.
  • All: Consider how the current Europa SDI compliant data might be used. Consider creating some documentation / tutorials to help with evangalizing the content.
  • Paul: Data to Jay for inclusion and release.
  • Trent: Reach out to Dave Williams to see about releasing the linea map.