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Planetary SDI
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Europa SDI 2022-12-15 Working Meeting (DRAFT)

Meeting Notes from: November 17, 2022

When 8PM GMT, 12PM PST, 1PM MST https://jpl.webex.com/jpl/j.php?MTID=m3c96c22ed8e335e55dbd40c9084e3763


  • Mike Bland
  • Robin Fergason
  • Cynthia Phillips
  • Jay Laura
  • Paul Schenk


  • LPSC Abstract submitted.
    • Very happy to hear from IAU re: longitudes. We can get them on the schedule.
    • Need to socialize why the decision that was made was made.
  • Voyager data
    • Mike sent data to the person who was asking for these data got a pre-release product.
    • Still on the todo list.
    • Just finishing off the metadata for the Europa DTMs. Voyager after that.
    • Discussion of tutorials to support the Europa data releases.
    • For tutorials need to decide what we want and have someone assigned to do it.
    • DTM and image align. Would be a GIS style tutorial. How to throw them together, make some profiles.
  • Quick discussion of SPD-41a and copyrights.
    • We’ll keep our license selections to support the need for attribution for data providers.
  • Horizontal datum / Juno:
    • Abstract in for LPSC (Juno part); committed to do the work. Cartography and topography discussed with good results.
  • No discussion at the upcoming Europa Clipper PSG meeting.
    • No spot in the agenda. It is quite full and more working interactions.
    • Instead, we should present this at a monthly science team meeting.
    • Let’s present Monday, March 6th at noon PST.
      • How close are we to having a horizontal datum? We will adopt the datum.
      • Vector data - we have standards for vecvtor data. USGS is willing to host these under the Europa SDI.
      • We are ready for your data.
      • We are ready to help you host and advertise your data in a compliant way.
    • Working to coordinate with JUICE. Who? Mike might have some contacts. Cynthia too.
      • Project science might be a good initial PoC.
  • Data can be uploaded with an abstract.
    • Recommendations about what those data can and can not be. This would be for meeting organizers.


Action Items

  • Jay: How to find Europa data (spatial / temporal) and how to download it.
  • Jay: Get in touch with someone at JUICE.
  • Jay: Draft some sort of intake for new data or services that we can integrate.
  • Robin: Sharing agreement. We have a science base agreement. We can use that verbatim?