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Planetary SDI
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2022-12-15 Working Meeting (DRAFT)

Meeting Notes from: November 17, 2022

When 8PM GMT, 12PM PST, 1PM MST https://jpl.webex.com/jpl/j.php?MTID=m3c96c22ed8e335e55dbd40c9084e3763



  • Prep for LPSC / PSG rollout. Initial list of tasks.
    • Do we want to request time? At what level?
    • Requesting at the geology working group level is probably fine.
      • Perhaps contact the WG co-chairs to see if they have space.
    • Larger group would also pull in geodesy, etc. where they are charged with thinking about coordinate systems, standards, etc.
    • If discussing in geology, make sure geodesy knows.
    • Time?
      • 15 minutes is likely enough
    • Who is going to be in person?
      • Mike will be there and can present. If in person, has to be arranged ahead of time. Paul - not sure if he is in-person.
      • Also Cynthia
      • Who else will be in person?
    • Other should dial in?
      • Cynthia will ask for some time and if others can register in advance and attend.
    • Content or Clipper PSG (Feb 6th-10th):
      • The next step - this isn’t just one set of data, this goes beyond that.
      • We have governance and standards.
      • We are now looking for data creators and/or data providers who have data that we can help to get turned into analysis ready and provided to the community.
      • NIMs data?
        • Reach out to them. Are any on clipper?
        • Mike Milaska(sp?)
        • Covers Callisto as well
      • We’ve hosted all the Galileo data, but haven’t done anything with the Voyager data.
        • Astrogeology has the Voyager data and can release it.
      • Paul might have NH data?
      • Juno?
      • Data Message (We can make this case at LPSC; this can be a shorter message.):
        • If one has ~Juno~ Europa data and wants to process it and describe the processing, we have standards that, if you meet them, they will interoperate with other Europa SDI data.
        • If you have ~juno~ Europa data that you process and need help bringing it into compliance with the Europa SDI, reach out.
        • If you have servers with data and want to bring them into compliance with the Europa SDI standards, we want to help.
        • The big lift for creators is that we need your help with documentation! What are the data usable for? What does one need to be careful about?
        • SPD41a - are we helping folks come into compliance?
          • We might need to adopt a standard that data will have a DOI?
          • Need to embrace the data ecosystem - this is an effort to embrace and support the data ecosystem.
      • Message about how we would be supportive of the Europa Clipper missions.
        • This is the most important message.
        • How can we specifically support the clipper mission?
          • Two general ways we are supportive: (1) before arrival and (2) after arrival. (1) supports the detailed planning that is already underway, e.g., EIS targeting and knowing where they are is exceptionally important. Paul’s vs. Mike’s data means things are in different locations. (2) once the data are in the PDS making sure that that data is as usable as possible for clipper AND non-clipper team members is supported. Europa SDI makes sure that data plays well with existing data sets and future data sets.
          • Clipper is also working on building an internal team tool for planning and access to new data on arrival. The Europa SDI is not the same as the EGAS.
            • Having this tool read Europa SDI compliant data means that any existing data under the Europa SDI can be ingested.
            • The tool is still 8 years out?
            • The Europa SDI exists now and can support both the external community and the team. Tools built against the standards means that compliant data automagically works in that tool.
              • Focus has been on what the tool needs to do.
              • We are interested in helping ensure that the input data are standards compliant AND the data are broadly available. We are not EGAS, we care about the underlying standards.
              • Avoid having multiple different base maps, different datums, etc. Consistency is exceptionally important.
            • This is a conundrum with Europa data - not enough to worry about, yet.
      • PDS support for the ecosystem discussion.
        • PDS4 - can we do sidecars / sidestep to geospatially enable.
      • Vector data

  • Draft LPSC abstract.
    • Working on it.
  • Good STAC Matt Hansen talk today.
    • Talk about footprints.
  • Voyager data
    • Jay will release it. Mike will think about what is needed to get it to Jay.
  • Does an SDI working group talk about the tools?
    • Sure, but it can’t be prescriptive.
    • Creators need to document.
    • Providers need to mediate disagreements.


Action Items

  • Cynthia is drafting an email. Asking for 15 minutes with everyone. Backup to the geology group.
  • Voyager data: Jay will release it. Mike will think about what is needed to get it to Jay.