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Planetary SDI
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Europa SDI: Datum Subgroup

Meeting Notes from: May 24, 2023

When 8PM GMT, 12PM PST, 1PM MST MS Teams Meeting


  • Trent
  • Mike
  • Paul
  • Jay


  • Mike:
    • The final USGS network allowed Cilix to adjust.
    • Has a Juno image and has points that he is happy with. He just needs to run the bundle.
    • Is good with how to do a multi-instrument bundle in ISIS.
    • Some of the reconstructed SPICE for Voyager is really terrible. So the data need to be updated a bit (deltack; resected) to get the observations onto the body.
    • Is it necessary to remove the SPICE from the data? Don’t think so. Watch for the covariance matrices as they are effectively weights.
  • Paul:
    • Would like the bundle to support off-body pixels - automatic resection?
    • Working on inter-image registration more. Finding more low-quality control points in the network. That is a concern for the shape model, but not necessarily for the image mosaics.
    • Question: What is the broader timeline for the creation of a final network?
    • Europa is a priority. September / early October to having a network (Voyager, Galileo I/II (high and low resolution), and Juno).
    • Question: Is the intention to run the test or not run the tests as previously discussed?
      • Yes, but after the intern is done.
    • Question: Is the proposed work going to address the offsets that were measured?
      • Yes, this will tell us how relevant the differences are.
      • No, the low-res to high-res is not necessarily the issue. The low-res to low-res should, intuitively match better.
    • Paul can run the adjustment this summer.


Action Items

Next Meeting

June 20 @12PM PST