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Planetary SDI
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Europa SDI 2024-06-27 Working Meeting

Meeting Notes from: June 27, 2024

When 8PM GMT, 12PM PST, 1PM MST MS Teams Meeting


  • Mike
  • Trent
  • Cynthia
  • Jay


  • Updates on horizontal datum (Paul and Mike):
  • Not sure that we are moving towards having a unified solution.
  • Maybe we are not able to identify a horizontal datum.
  • There are differences across the board, even at Cilix.
  • How large is our window to deliver a datum in support of Clipper?
    • This is most useful for clipper. Sure it is important for the community, but clipper would benefit from this information.
    • We have until at the absolute latest October 10. We may have also missed the window.
    • As soon as we can is the right answer.
    • September/October is too late. For our purposes, we need to be able to say that there is not an agreed upon datum.
  • Is there an intermediate milestone that we can provide?
    • Something posted by the end of the fiscal.
    • Provide a web page linking to the data sets and an analysis of the two different data sets. How are they the same? How are they different? What considerations should one account for?
    • How do we generate very transparent documentation for these data?
  • Benchmarks:
    • End of July: Data iterations (COGs), and documentation drafted.
    • End of August: Docs and data done for team-reviews.
      • Data includes difference data sets / figures. Ideally, this is a GIS enabled vector (quiver) layer and/or a raster “heat map”. The user could view the data and the uncertainty information.
    • End of September: This is the hard stop. Data and webpage delivered.
  • Discussion about clipper and where we can assist by publishing this / presenting this.
    • We should ping JUICE too and let them at least know.
    • Clipper tool, Trent has some tips, might email. Should also let them know.
  • For the documentation
    • How do we communicate the differences between these data sets? Difference maps, difference vectors, textually, etc.


Action Items

  • Send email laying out the plan. Set benchmarks.
  • Data availability.
  • Preliminary documentation and potential writing assignments.

Next Meeting

July 18 @11PM PST