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Planetary SDI
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Europa SDI Data Gaps

Data gaps are derived foundational or framework data products that the Europa SDI governance groups would be of high value to the Europa science community. At this time, data gaps are primarily focused on making existing data publicly, and widely available. In the future, missions such as Europa Clipper and JUICE will collect new data that can and will be used to create new products. As those data begin to come, we expect that more ideas for derived products will be included here.

We identify the following data gaps and wish to actively engage with the community to make these data widely available in an analysis ready data format:

The above listing is not exhaustive, as our knowledge of the available data products is not exhaustive. If you have a product and are interested in making it publicly available please reach out (comment below or email a member of the Europa SDI). We are actively seeking to work with data producers and data providers.! We are more than happy to help make these data available under the Europa SDI umbrella.