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Planetary SDI
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Working Group Organization

The Lunar SDI working group is the decision-making body of the SDI. The working group members collaboratively formulate the mission, vision, governance model, data and metadata standards, and strategic direction for the development and maintenance of the Lunar SDI. This working group approves work efforts required to meet the strategic goals of this group and provide guidance to support the implementation of those decisions. The working group also establishes and maintains relationships with NASA program managers, data providers, and community user groups and stakeholders, such as Lunar science and engineering communities, mission teams, software application and tool developers, media relation activities, public engagement and education groups, and members of the general public.


This working group consists of voluntary working group members and topical sub-groups. There is one Chair and an unlimited number of members.

Current Membership Includes:

Describe the current role and responsibilities of the chair. They are administrative. Indicate the flexibility.

Working group memberships are not time limited. There is no maximum size of the working group. The size is expected to vary to ensure adequate coverage of important areas of expertise, balanced with the ability to make decisions efficiently. The working group must have at least five members. Chair serves two-year terms from October 1 to September 30. A change of the Chair can be made mid-year by the same process described above and as deemed necessary by consensus of the working group members. Mid-year changes are expected to be rare.

There is no specific set of requirements or qualifications for working group membership. The working group may add additional members by consensus. If there are any objections to adding any individual member, an attempt should be made to resolve those objections following the Consensus Seeking Process (see section 5.2). A working group member may be removed from the group by voluntary resignation or by consensus of all other members.

Changes to working group membership should be posted in the agenda and may be suggested as any other agenda item. If an addition or removal is proposed during a meeting, and the full working group is not in attendance to participate, then the addition or removal is added to the agenda for the subsequent meeting. This policy is to ensure that all members are given the opportunity to participate in all membership decisions.

In the case where an individual working group member - within any twelve-month period - attends fewer than 25% of the regularly scheduled meetings, does not participate in working group discussions, and does not participate in working group votes, the member shall be automatically removed from the working group. The member may be invited to continue attending working group meetings as an observer.

To express interest in serving on the Lunar SDI working group, please email the current Chair (see section 4.1).