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Planetary SDI
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2023-02-09 Working Meeting

Meeting Notes from: January 12, 2023

How to join?

Teams Link


Number: 1-833-436-1163 Meeting Code: 864 509 369#


  • Jay Laura


  • Updates on action items from the previous meeting (5 minutes):
    • MAPSIT / LEAG Updates
      • Pinged Brad
    • LPSC Poster:
      • Jay has not made time to get started. Accepted as a digital poster.
    • Standards documents changes to add context
    • Code of Conduct ratification
      • Adopted. Publish in the lunar area.
  • New model for meetings: Breakout groups. (5 minutes)
  • Breakout Groups (40 minutes):
    • Standards document reviews and edits
    • Strategy documents reviews and edits
  • Reconvene (10 minutes)
    • Did breakouts work? Shall we try this again?
      • Editorial items, could be action items asynchronous.
      • Need to be able to discuss some of the larger items.
      • +1
      • Time for edits on the document and then time to discuss.
    • What rises to the level of needing group discussion?


Action Items

  • Julie: Beginning of the objective section (starting at 4)
  • Laz: Edits on 5.1 and 5.2 (Objectives I and II).
  • Brent: Recommended changes to Jay so that he can incorporate.
  • Ross: Dicsussion stuff for the next meeting
  • Robin: Initial section edits as noted.

Next Agenda:

Next Meeting

March 9th @ 2PM MST.