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Planetary SDI
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2023-09-14 Working Meeting

Meeting Notes from: January 1, 2023

Meeting information

Meetings are public and interested parties are encouraged to attend. Meetings occur on the second Thursday of every month at the time indicated below.

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Number: 1-833-436-1163 Meeting Code: 864 509 369#


  • Laz
  • Marc
  • Ross
  • Julie
  • Sam
  • Jay


  • Formally adopt the strategy document?

    • Does anyone on the call disent to us formally adopting the strategy documents.
    • No. Can’t speak for folks are not present.
    • The strategy documents are formally adopted pending the merge of Marc’s PR.
  • Formally road map; had email responses, is this adequate?

    • Adopted.
  • Progress on gap product document:

    • Not clear which are the key foundational data products.

    • Lots of international data products that we are identifying as being potentially useful. We are writing from the perspective of the US. It is not clear which international products are controlled to LOLA and which are not.

      • We want to encourage the adoption of the the same standards for international products.
    • Based on how foundational is defined, there can be an infinite number of products.

    • Discussion of foundational data products, definitions, the fact that our current draft list may be too inclusive as to what is a foundational data product.

      • Action: Winnow that list to what we are confident are foundational.
    • Part of the list that came from the SAT report, these things are potentially useful, but are not currently useful. They are not controlled or have unknown error.

      • As an action, identify what could be a foundational data product but is not yet there yet.
    • The FDP website:

      • Split the table into these are foundational and these are not quite but could be.
    • For the gaps:

      • What needs to be vetted / validated for qualitative and quantitative accuracies?
      • Add a column, what type of work is needed? Make the data available, validate the data quantitatively, validate the data. Is a sensor model available?
    • Put an asterix on the word importance: We don’t want anyone to feel that their data is important. Call it urgency or priority. Preface this entire document with a statement about the importance of all of this data.

    • Global jobs are big jobs:

      • If / when folks agree that this is useful, perhaps indicate that this is something that requires multi-institution support and NASA direction to ensure that it happens. The finding might be: This is important, this needs directed support. ‘Mega-foundational data sets.’
    • More generally, this is mostly tabular and lacks the context that is in the report. Maybe we can tie this more closely to the report and add text to this document.

    • Framework products to a separate page.

    • In Sept. we will send a document to Sarah with a recap of LCDP, gaps that have been filled, and then new needs that we have identified.

    • Not realistic timeline. Best method to increase engagement?

  • Action Items

    • Merge Marc’s PR.
    • Add the adopted date on the strategy and roadmap documents.
    • Update the foundational gap products tables (Jay), removing the completed products, adding the necessary columns.
    • Add text to the global ones indicating that these are “special” due to cost and cross institutional knowledge requirements. They are important, but require a NASA directed effort. (Jay, draft).
    • Add text to foundational. Don’t re-write the report. Cite out to it. (???, all???)
    • Standards language; drafted by the end of the month (Jay)
    • Framework: Multi- and Hyper-spectral (Laz)
    • Framework: (Semi-)Quantitative Mineral Mosaics (Laz, a paragraph on concerns, )
    • Framework: Topographic maps,

Next Agenda:

  • What do we do about framework data products that have hard to quantify uncertanties? Can there be improvement or not?
  • Meeting time: Maybe change?

Next Meeting

October 12 @ 2PM PST.