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Planetary SDI
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2024-07-11 Working Meeting

Meeting Notes from: July 11, 2024

Meeting information

Meetings are public and interested parties are encouraged to attend. Meetings occur on the second Thursday of every month at the time indicated below.

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How to join?

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Number: 1-833-436-1163 Meeting Code: 864 509 369#


  • Julie Stopar
  • Mark McClernan
  • Ross Beyer
  • Marc Hunter
  • Brent Archinal
  • Sam Lawrence


  • Checklist Updates:
    • ToDo
  • Upload location/form:
    • ToDo
  • FDP update (from Brent’s document):

  • Another 2 data sets:

  • Outreach:
    • Who to reach out to?
    • What to communicate?
    • Timeline?
  • MAPSIT Question:
    • Jay provided a rough outline of a proposed order of operations:
    • A finding to the PAC articulates that the SDI exists, has adopted standards, and is the place to collect standards for ARD for the community.
    • A discussion and ultimately endorsement from MAPSIT for the lunar SDI standards saying that ’these are the standards that the community should adopt'.
    • A discussion between MAPSIT and LEAG (leadership?) seeking to gain a LEAG endorsement.
    • A subsequent finding to the PAC highlighting these endorsements and then asking for a NASA policy that ARD released data conform to Lunar SDI standards.
    • Would the term ‘recommended standards’ or ‘recommended best practices’ make sense? Is this a language concern? Replace the wording from ‘standards’ to ‘recommended standards’ / ‘recommended best practices’.
      • It is the word ‘standard’ that is challenging here.
    • Not clear that there is a NASA ‘place’ that would ingest and promote these standards to the community.
    • This should be discussed more with the MAPSIT steering committee. Not a lot of knowledge of what we are doing in MAPSIT / LEAG.
    • There is a lot of understanding within the PAC for the need to adopt best practices and standards.
    • Let’s also talk to Robin. Does she have a plan? We do not want to duplicate efforts or perform redundant actions.
    • Time to move to an educational role. This might feel like we are repeating and that’s good.
    • Collect as much feedback as possible. We, as a group, can then integrate that feedback.
    • Lesson learned - go slow and don’t ruffle feathers.
  • Artemis Data Products
    • The goals of those products are different from the goals that we are promoting.
    • Sam’s thinking is to incorporate standards from the SDI when they make sense.
    • The Artemis group is committed to releasing data (when appropriate) to the PDS or a PDS equiv.
    • Unlikely to have any surprises in what is created.
    • Ingest-derived products are anticipated to be more challenging.
      • is the concern accuracy and/or interoperability?
      • For navigation, accuracy. Is the control sufficient? Is there a validation procedure for the given data product?
      • Standard control sooner, rather than later would be ideal.
    • For the L-Map (??) program, does a standard set of data products exist?
      • TBD. Sam doesn’t know.
    • Are the Artemis data controlled access?
      • Again, unknown. Unlikely outside a small group doing specific work.
  • How about VIPER?
    • Largely confirmation, most likely.
    • Ross might have a look to see where they overlap.

Action Items

  • MAPSIT, send standards links and present to MAPSIT. The goal in the fall is to get feedback from MAPSIT (and/or LEAG).
  • LEAG - put in an abstract for us and request a talk. The meeting is in October. LINK. Abstracts are due August 14.
  • Ross - will compare some VIPER product(s) to the LunarSDI standards.

Next Agenda:

Next Meeting

September 8 @ 2PM MDT.