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Planetary SDI
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Metadata Standards

Metadata Content

  • Data will have qualitative process and usability information available in text format that describes (1) a description of the data set, (2) the process used to create the data, (3) the available assets or files within a data set, (4) the accuracy, errors, and identification of known issues with the data set, (5) the qualitative usability of the data set (as mediated by the data provider or steward), (6) textual description of the proposed update cadence for this data set, and (7) optionally textual links to other data sets of potential interest to users of this data set.

Accuracy Descriptions

File Formats

  • Data will have an FGDC compliant XML metadata file. This file is to be as compliant as possible and should use the planetary domain extension.
  • Data will have a Spatio-Temporal Asset Catalog (STAC) metadata JSON file.
  • Data should have a provenance file that minimally describes the creation of the data. When possible, the provenance file will support complete reproduction of a derived data product by replicating commands provided to processing tools.