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Planetary SDI
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2023-04-11 Working Meeting

Meeting Notes from: April 11, 2023

How to join?

Teams Link


Number: 1-833-436-1163 Meeting Code: 864 509 369#


  • Laz Kestay
  • Brent Archinal
  • Marc Hunter
  • Julie Stopar
  • Ross Beyer
  • Joe Foster
  • Jay Laura


  • Standards Announcment:
    • A few minor changes to incorporate.
    • Have an updated list of potential contacts.
    • Who do we want to reach to?
      • LRO folks (Julie / Noah) @ a PSWG telecon
        • Nick Estes (Jay)
        • Kristen Bennet (Julie)
      • Someone on Diviner - ? ()
      • VIPER people (Ross)
      • Other CLPS missions - Maria Banks (Brent; can announce at the LRO data meetings)
        • Lunar Vertex - Brett Denevi ()
        • Vise Team - Kristen Bennett ()
      • MAPSIT / LEAG - Brad and Amy (Jay)
      • NGA - Trevor (Brent)
      • PDS - Trent (Marc)
    • PEN (Jay)
    • Lunar-L - Clive Niel (Brent)
    • Planetary News - out of LPI (Julie)
    • MoonTrek - Emily Law (Marc)
    • QuickMap - ?? (Marc)
    • NASAS Cloud - Joe (Jay)
  • Joe (Cloud Program Manager)
    • Cloud computing manager at NASA.
    • Works on publicly publishing data.
    • Multi-mission/multi-disc cloud mission:
      • Agency is gearing up for increased lunar interest
      • Lunar data pipelining (stuff Joe and Jau have been chatting). Real time data availability.
      • Orion will have higher definition and higher bandwidth for streaming back lots of data.
    • Use cases:
      • Commercial and non-commercial
      • Luna (sister project to Artemis)
      • Want to LROC / LOLA and use unreal engine to build out 3d lunar environments for commercial partners. As close to real time as possible. More mid-term.
      • Support for mission planning.
    • Core of what USGS / NASA Ames Map Makers do are photogrammetric / 3d topography development.
  • Email group - build a list of the key players to engage for roadmap elements.
  • Ping Megan Ansdell, Becky - status of planetary standards and tools via TOPS and other efforts.
  • Road Map document edits - getting sent around. Will discuss next meeting.
  • Congrats to Robin on her new position!


Action Items

  • Today or tomorrow - clean email; add context if needed, and send around for comment.
  • Jay - update the webpage with all our contact info.
  • Jay - update website with changes from word doc roadmap.
  • Future longer-term work: It might be good to link to specific, concrete examples of a COG or a GeoPackage from the Data Format Standards page, but I’m not sure what would be the best exemplars here. (Jay)

Next Agenda:

  • Road Map (outstanding questions)
  • Standards docs released
  • Look at the road map and plan remainder of FY23

Future discussions:

  • On the “Data Interoperability Standards” page, it lists the “Lunar Polar Gridded Data Record” as a thing that appears to be different from the LOLA gridded data, so I’m not sure what that is. There is also some repetition on this page that I’m not sure how to untangle (the three bullet points are kind of repeated and “proxy products” is repeated in sentences before them to make me wonder if there’s a cut’n’paste error here.

Next Meeting

May 11th @ 2PM MST.