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Planetary SDI
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The Europa Spatial Data Infrastructure (SDI) Working Group is a voluntary cooperation between planetary community members to evaluate existing spatial data and data standards for Europa and assess spatial data storage, acquisition, discovery, and use needs of the Europa community. The Europa SDI is endorsed by the NASA directed Mapping and Planetary Spatial Infrastructure Team (MAPSIT). The overarching goal of the Europa SDI is to allow nonspatial data experts to use spatial data to the greatest extent possible, with the lowest possible overhead (Laura et al., 2018). This working group addresses spatial data complexities by defining policies and standards regarding data interoperability, data contribution, and the long-term maintenance for the benefit of all user communities. See the Europa SDI Strategy Document for additional information.

The purpose of this governance document is to describe the organization of the Europa SDI Working Group and the agreed upon policies for SDI data standards, licensing of data products, establishing cooperative agreements between this SDI and data providers, membership in this working group, decision making procedures, and our code of conduct.