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Planetary SDI
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Data Standards Guidance

Data Standards

Data and derived products within this SDI conform to a set of standards to maximize interoperability, including standardized vertical and horizontal datums (i.e, the coordinate system), accepted map projections, and metadata formats. Significant effort was made to use standards that are consistent with IAU recommendations, those in use by relevant mission teams, and that foster interoperability. See the Guidelines for Europa Data Providers for detailed information regarding the standards and formats the Europa SDI adheres to, with the goal of maximizing interoperability between datasets and reducing the need to reproject or reprocess data.

Data Licensing

All derived data made available through the Europa SDI should use an open-data license from the Creative Commons family of copyright licenses. Derived data should be licensed using one of the following: (1) CC0, public domain; (2) CC BY, attribution required; or (3) CC BY-SA, attribution required with a share-alike clause. Data providers are encouraged to bring other licenses to the attention of the working group if a compelling use-case for expanding the applicable licenses exists.