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Planetary SDI
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2023-05-11 Working Meeting

Meeting Notes from: April 11, 2023

Meeting information

Meetings are public and interested parties are encouraged to attend. Meetings occur on the second Thursday of every month at the time indicated below.

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How to join?

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Number: 1-833-436-1163 Meeting Code: 864 509 369#


  • Julie Stopar
  • Marc Hunter
  • Sam Lawrence
  • Noah Petro
  • Brent Archinal
  • Laz Kestay
  • Slyvester Kaczmarek
  • Jay Laura


  • Updates on previous action items:
    • Today or tomorrow - clean email; add context if needed, and send around for comment.
      • Requested feedback, end of this month.
      • Marc:
        • Trent responded as PDS / OGC. Feedback was on the content for user engagement. Provide links / examples. Standard note was disagreement with 0-360 and wants -180 to 180, with 0 as the center. Link to compliant datasets to illustrate FGDC, ISO, PDS. Updated on verbiage on the docs. Add information about mean earth.
        • Emily Law, will get us Trek feedback by the end of the month
        • QuickMap, sent a request via the web form. Can email Eric Malaret directly.
      • Julie:
        • No news yet.
      • Brent:
        • Sent to the Lunar L list. Got a response from Brad.
        • Did we send to the PEN?
        • NGA
          • No response. Presentation yesterday.
      • Jay:
        • Pinged Brad Thompson and Amy Fagan. No word back yet.
      • Also send to:
        • Steve Indyk at Honeywell. LEAG commercial advisory board.
    • Jay - update the webpage with all our contact info.
    • Jay - update website with changes from word doc roadmap.

    • Future longer-term work: It might be good to link to specific, concrete examples of a COG or a GeoPackage from the Data Format Standards page, but I’m not sure what would be the best exemplars here. (Jay)
  • Road Map (outstanding questions)

  • Standards docs released
    • Defer until next meeting.
  • Look at the road map and plan remainder of FY23
  • Action item:
    • Creation of products to fulfill the gaps.
    • At the July meeting Julie and Brent will run us through the gap products. What are the highest priorities? Can we, as a group agree on the relative priorities on these? Then meet with Becky, et al. and present what these products are.
      • LCDP Report: Should be done items. The implication is that an SDI will make further recommendations. We start to make recommendations to add to the LCDP. Let’s discuss the current list and start to develop the documentation / list of the next steps.
      • Review the science definition team report as well. There are important recommendation in there as well.
      • CAPS: Can request to present once we are ready. We can socialize this through that. (https://www.nationalacademies.org/our-work/committee-on-astrobiology-and-planetary-sciences)
      • LCDP came after the science definition. It did acknowledge the items in the Artemis Science Definition Team Report.
      • Update the SAT report on what we has been learned.
  • Sam:
    • August 16/17 is a lunar surface science workshop. The focus is geologic mapping. The goal is to kickstart geologic mapping for the 13 ROIs prior to mission flight. Community organization and a plan.
    • Potential cartographic representations (desktop representation) / SLD.
    • Discussion of the standards for the underlying data that will facilitate a minimal amount of transformation to the finalized data.
    • Marc can speak to this if able to attend.

Action Items

  • Jay: Add Sam and Slyvester to the when is good.
  • Everyone: When is good poll.
  • Jay: Collect emailed feedback and send a shared word document. Update as responses come in.
  • Jay: Send Sam the feedback solicitation paragraph.
  • Someone: Steve Indyk at Honeywell. LEAG commercial advisory board.
  • Jay need to do that. Also ping Nick @LROC
  • Jay: Follow up with MAPSIT and LEAG.
  • Add Sam formally to the organization.
  • Tomorrow or Monday finalize the edits from Laz and incorporate. Email the group.
  • Everyone: Review the charter / roadmap
  • Marc: Get on the lunar geologic mapping meeting agenda.

Next Agenda:

  • Formally adopt the chart.
  • Formally adopt the roadmap.
  • Discussion of the feedback from the comments.

Next Meeting

TBD. Fallback is June 8th @ 2PM PDT.