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Planetary SDI
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2023-06-08 Working Meeting

Meeting Notes from: May 12, 2023

Meeting information

Meetings are public and interested parties are encouraged to attend. Meetings occur on the second Thursday of every month at the time indicated below.

Time Time Zone

How to join?

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Number: 1-833-436-1163 Meeting Code: 864 509 369#


  • Marc Hunter

  • Brent Archinal

  • Sarah Black

  • Ross Beyer

  • Jay Laura

  • Updates on action items from previous meeting:

    • Meeting Times:
      • Jay: Add Sam and Slyvester to the when is good.
      • Everyone: When is good poll.
      • Jay: Collect emailed feedback and send a shared word document. Update as responses come in.
      • Result: No good time….
    • Sam soliciation:
      • Jay: Send Sam the feedback solicitation paragraph.
      • This fell off my radar. Apologies to Sam - still send?
    • Outreach:
      • Someone: Steve Indyk at Honeywell. LEAG commercial advisory board. (Not done.)
      • Jay need to do that. Also ping Nick @LROC (Done)
      • Jay: Follow up with MAPSIT and LEAG. (Done)
      • Add Sam formally to the organization.(Done)
    • Road map Updats:
      • Tomorrow or Monday finalize the edits from Laz and incorporate. Email the group. (Done)
    • Everyone: Review the charter / road map
    • Meetings:
      • Marc: Get on the lunar geologic mapping meeting agenda.
      • Marc will ping Sam to get on the agenda.
      • Has ASC seen themes for this meeting?
        • No sense for what the agenda is at this point.
        • Multiple topics / lots of topics.
        • The community expressing what it needs is an important aspect of the workshop.
  • Planned actions:

    • Formally adopt the chart.
      • More time needed to review. Defer to next month.
    • Formally adopt the road map.
      • More time needed to review. Defer to next month.
    • Discussion of the feedback from the standards comments.
      • 0-360: The data are stored in 0-360, but can be displayed in any form that people desire.
        • Recommend that the data be stored in 0-360.
        • The data can be in the -180 to 180 domain as needed.
        • Documentation.
      • Data interpolation:
        • Some users say that data that is interpolated can not be used. Some data can, arguably not be used without interpolation.
      • Do we need to have an applicability of standards comment?
        • How and under what circumstances do we intend to have these apply?
        • Use cases for how this can be done?
        • How do these impact current data processing pipelines?
        • How do you grandfather in existing missions?
      • Open Data Access Policy just got pushed. That is pretty impactful. This is marketing.
      • Write this as applicability of standards. Your particular data product or investigation may require something else. Documentation is the key.
      • Push harder on the documentation and metadata the MOST.

Action Items

  • Marc: Follow up with Jim. He’ll get onto the agenda.
  • Please read charter and roadmap. Goal is to disucuss (if needed) and adopt (if possible) in July.
  • Take a stab at some language for applicability of standards and goals of these standards.

Next Agenda:

Next Meeting

July 13 @ 2PM PST.