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Planetary SDI
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2023-11-09 Working Meeting

Meeting Notes from: January 1, 2023

Meeting information

Meetings are public and interested parties are encouraged to attend. Meetings occur on the second Thursday of every month at the time indicated below.

Time Time Zone

How to join?

Teams Link


Number: 1-833-436-1163 Meeting Code: 864 509 369#


  • Laz
  • Sam
  • Brent
  • Jay
  • Ross


  • Discussion on current state of lunar collaborations:

    • NGA and NASA
  • Ah-ha moment maybe? SDIs?

  • Data standards discussion

    • More grass roots.
    • Ocentric vs. ographic discussion.
  • Outreach to data creators - homework, but not quite yet.

  • Action Items

    • Determine if proj strings are an issue when compared to WKT/proj:json. Are they all interchangable or are the latter needed over the former?
    • Ocentric vs. Ographic Latitude discussion conclusion. What are we promoting?
    • LSDI WG will start to brainstorm on data creators / products that we can solicit into the SDI.

Next Agenda:

Next Meeting

December 14 @ 2PM MST.