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Planetary SDI
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2022-11-10 Working Meeting

Meeting Notes from: November 10, 2022


  • Jay Laura
  • Brent Archinal
  • Laz Kestay
  • Marc Hunter
  • Julie Stopar
  • Sarah Noble
  • Noah Petro


  • Welcome back / kickoff
  • Meeting cadence / regular meeting time
  • Governance documents. Where are they, what else is needed before discussion, modification, and ratification?
  • Working group on standards interested parties.
  • Working group on gap products. Where do we go with the list Brent provided as an artifact from the Lunar Data Product group? I’d like to clean that list and host via the Lunar SDI. Other thoughts?
  • Open floor


  • Welcome back / kickoff

  • Meeting cadence / regular meeting time
    • Second Thursday of the month at 2PM.
    • Go with teams for now; add a dial in number.
  • Governance documents. Where are they, what else is needed before discussion, modification, and ratification?
    • Ran throught the docs; cribbed from Europa but idfferent
    • Public meeting notices, how to make decisions.
    • Charter. High level direction. Take a look at. Anyone interested in what we are can click through all this.
    • What about the international aspect? How might that change the governance documents?
    • Strategy. Benchmarks and plan for hitting benchmarks. Why do we think we exist? FAIR stuff. PDE, findings there. PDS discussed. Elevator pitch information. Set of Guiding principles. Turn into bullets. Appreciate what came out of PDE. This is what we are attempting to do. High level stuff.
    • Marc: We’ll create a list of things that exist, so that others can infer those gaps. Not sure if we’re doing that.
  • Jay: Anyone can make those lists. We’re a subset of community that (could) do that.
  • Roadmap. What are we actually seeking to do? Not value in the community for us to meet. Series of objectives. Current status identified. Initial stuff not impacting community. Objectives more important. How do we engage in community, AGs, mission teams? Stuff we’re doing should be complementary to those efforts.
  • Obj 5 is a biggy. Coordination. Done by Trent. Tring to help with those types of connections. No one actually has to use standards. Trying to help with those connections. Bringing needs of those groups into this group. If ? says we can’t meet standard X, that’s a problem. If Moon trek , same issue. Connect all players
  • Obj 6. Know I can go to Quickmap. Ton of data. Access by API? Facilitate other people to access through portals. Democratize the tool layer. How do we go ahead and do that? If tools are standards compliant, others can write against them
  • Obj 7, SPD 41
  • Obj 8, engage with tool developers. Don’t reinvent wheel. Foundational data should just work. Help tool developers just (use) that.
  • Fast tour of 8 big items. For next time we get together, take a look at those. Web site is 10% public. Repost in chat. Ask for a Word file. Goal is to engage and get feedback on that. These are marching orders over next 4 years.
  • We have more folks to talk to about standards, but we hopefully do not have a significant amount of push back.
  • We also have commercial interest, NGA, and Space Force.
    • We need to understand the compatibility of standards across these organizations.
  • We need to ensure that we have running announcements in the community, using the mailing lists and the AGs. This will facilitate continuous feedback. We should make sure to spend time to let people know that we are doing this.
  • Announcement stage:
    • Once governance is done.
    • LSIC, PEN, DPS,
  • When do we solicit for input and when do we publish and publicize.
  • Draft is good for comment. It needs to be complete enough that the community can weigh in. Try to avoid providing lots of inference form the community.
  • As a group, once we are happy, we can announce and then invite comment.
  • How are we soliciting feedback.
  • Discuss async; be ready to discuss and possibly ratify in January.
  • Working group on standards interested parties.
    • This is an area where it is easier to be open with communications.
    • We will discuss just this the next time that we meet; December.
  • Working group on gap products. Where do we go with the list Brent provided as an artifact from the Lunar Data Product group? I’d like to clean that list and host via the Lunar SDI. Other thoughts?
    • It is okay to publish this. Target timeline will be February to discuss. What should be done and the interpretation of how this work could/should be done.
  • Open floor
    • Coordinate with Sam and Noah on the internal team.
    • Rapid progress and then nothing, the cadence of work is not predictable. E.g., LPSC abstract describing the Lunar SDI.
      • Julie: Where is information on how to contact us. What methods of input are we seeking?
  • Jay: Not posted that yet. FY23, this is something I want to be doing. As Julie, I’m trying to get funding the right way. Hesitate to put e-mail address down. If you look at Europa version, and go … In Working Group Organization. Names of folks involved and their e0mail addresses. No list serve so far. Simple. If Ross gets e0-mail will forward. Free to organize as we want. After this, will put names and e0amils of folks are comfortable.
  • Jay: Each of us have different connections, can get feedback as well. Julie, LROC mission. Laz, Viper, Ross might also. Integration with MAPSIT and LEAG. Like Brent indicated earlier keep those groups apprised of what we’re doing. We presented to the Europa Clipper Geology … (long title) group. Really great amount of feedback we got back. We want to present at LEAG and provide an update. Goal of the funding,
  • Jay: Folks interested in talking about standards. Schedule a breakout meeting before next time we meet. Thing we would love to do. Europa one, showing. To see what you’re’ signing up for. Europa, spatial, cartographic, data format, metadata standards. Boring and important. What would be awesome for us to have a complete draft of standards that we consist (?) of input and feedback. For example, last time we met. Mid latitude map projects. Global controlled Mars looks like junk at mid latitudes. Something we should talk about it. Discuss between now and next time we meet or next time we meet?
  • Julie: Next time.
  • Jay: Intention is to meet once in December, avoiding holiday. Discuss standards in December. Comment by January. A group e-mail thread on governance documents. Thumbs up or down. Dec standards, Jan governance.

Action Items

  • All: Review governance documents. Async discussion as appropriate. Goal is to be able to discuss in person anything where consensus is hard to find in January.
  • Jay: Schedule meeting; 2PM second Thursday of the month.
  • Jay: Send draft standards document around to seed discussion for next meeting re: standards.
  • All: Think about an LPSC abstract (due 2 days before our January meeting). Likely a great opportunity to publicize our work. Discuss async if possible to keep space for standards discussion. I (Jay) can write a lunar/europa SDI one or a separate lunar and Europa one. Anyone on here can first author this too!