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Planetary SDI
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2023-01-12 Working Meeting

Meeting Notes from: December 8, 2022

Teams Link No dial in number yet, sorry!


  • Robin Fergason
  • Laz Kestay
  • Ross Beyer
  • Julie Stopar
  • Jay Laura


  • Governance document review
  • Comments on standards
  • Next meeting agenda


  • Context:
    • The governance model is fairly generic. Modelled after Europa. For Lunar specific changes we should incorporate those. Code of conduct is modelled off the Europa SDI.
    • The strategy document is a seed for discussion based off the Europa model.
  • Strategy document:
    • This is not as mature as the other documents.
    • Share that out as a word document.
  • Open floor
    • List of data / providers that LEAG is worried about.
    • Don’t these missions all have DMPs for these data.
    • Perception: many of these missions have budgets that are tight so getting the data into a PDS compliant format can be challenging.
      • Where can we help with this problem?
    • Reminder for NASA that data may need additional funding in order to get these data.

Action Items

  • Jay: Clean, add context, reorganize, executive summary, and solicit for feedback.
  • Jay: Post the code of conduct for discussion.
  • Jay will send a list of names to Robin and she will get the docs out to the folks for review.
  • Jay: Ping Amy - can we get a list of data that is of concern?
  • Jay: Ping Brad re: MAPSIT - more info. Are we a candidate interface for standards between LEAG / MAPSIT?

Next Agenda:

  • MAPSIT / LEAG updates
  • LPSC - what do we want to have? Input on poster. (Jay - start the poster.)
  • Code of Conduct - ratified
  • Strategy Documents
  • Any discussion of standards

Next Meeting

Feb 9th @ 2PM MST.